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Whois Checker provides real-time detailed Whois information, you can check any domain Whois information through this tool. Please enter the domain name you want to check in the box below. Then click on the "Check Now" button to submit, the domain name Whois Information will be displayed. It's 100% free, no registration required.
Enter a domain name you want to check in the box below:

How It Works?

Whois is a query for whether the domain name has been registered, and database details of registered domain names (such as the domain name owner, domain registrar, domain name registration date and expiration date, etc.). By Domain Whois server query, you can query domain ownership by contact, as well as registration and expiration date.

WHOIS service is an online "request / response" type of service. WHOIS Server 43 running in the background listening port, when Internet users search for (or a host of other information, contacts, etc.) when a domain name, WHOIS Server first establish a TCP connection with the Client, and then receiving the information requested by the user and accordingly inquiry backstage domain database. If the corresponding record exists in the database, it will be relevant information such as owner, management information and technical contact information, feedback to the Client. Server output until the end, Client close the connection, thus, a query process ends.

Remove interpretation of the rules concerning the domain name expire implemented:
(1) Analytical suspended due today, if you do not renew in 72 hours, modify the DNS domain name to point ad pages (park). 30-45 days after the domain expired domain name retention period (different registrars policies at different times)
(2) Over the retention period the domain name will enter the redemption period (REDEMPTIONPERIOD, for a period of 30 days)
(3) over the domain name redemption period will enter a period of about five days to delete, after the deletion of the domain name is open, anyone can call.

Get some explanation about the state of the domain name, please click here.

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